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interXmedia has been providing internet, web & digital media services to companies in the UK and around the world since 2003.

Specialising in…

Maintaining Legacy Software
WordPress Site Maintenence

interXmedia is fundamentally Andy Stokes, who has more than 30 years of computer software and development experience, plus 10 years more of teaching in the digital arena, & Virginia Turbett, an experienced photographer & photojournalist. In the wings are a bunch more highly experienced designers, developers, interaction designers and copywriters, who can be drawn into a project at any time. We can provide everything you need, from the start of a project to the finish…

The wealth of experience we have developed over the years – covering everything from project management, artwork origination, web design, software development to server management – means that we can handle practically any project you can throw at us, from start to finish, with minimal input and involvement from you – if that’s the way you like it. At the same time, great communication skills and a real commitment to perfection plus an honest, ethical approach, ensure that you will get precisely the result you demand from a source you can trust.

interXmedia is based in South Devon, England but we know how to get the job done wherever you are. On the face of it, we can’t compete on cost alone with outsourcing to the Far East, but our experience is that, when you’ve wasted time and money and ended up with something that wasn’t what you wanted in the first place, you will appreciate even more the value of having the benefit of the experience, integrity and understanding that we can provide.

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Andy Stokes
Partner, interXmedia