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WordPress site maintenance

Keeping your WordPress site alive

WordPress sites require continual maintenance. The WordPress system is continuously being updated and so are its themes and functional plugin extensions.

  • Do you have a WordPress site that is broken by the most recent software updates?…
  • Are you you stuck with an out-of-date software version that you can’t update without breaking your site functionality, leaving you more and more exposed to hacks and security risk?…
  • Perhaps your theme or plugin is no longer supported and you need to switch to another one whilst retaining your site functionality….
  • Do you need some new functionality but the people who originally did your site are no longer around or can’t provide it…
  • Or perhaps your site is just looking tired and you want a revamp?

What are your options?

If you approach a new developer they will tell you that your only hope is to rebuild the site from scratch. This is an expensive business and of course you have to go through the wearying process of testing, inevitable rewrites and amends, when all the time you have (or had!) a perfectly decent website already!

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